Art is in his blood

MARAPONG — Frans Thoka (21), a former learner of Tielelo Secondary School in Marapong, is currently studying to obtain a BA Visual Arts degree at the University of Johannesburg (UJ). He believes it is about time that people change their perception of art in general.

Frans Thoka at his blanket art

Thoka specialises in painting, print, as well as drawing and sculpture.

He says he gets his inspiration from everyday life. “When someone else sees a child playing, I see a story to tell through painting an image that will be conceptualised to make the message loud and clear,” he explains.

His love for art came suddenly. He was waiting to be accepted for a BCom degree at UJ when he became impatient and opted for a BA degree in Visual Arts.

He believes the decision to study art was the best decision he could have made as it describes him and his passion.

He mostly specialises in blanket drawing which portrays the struggle and surrounding of the subject he depicts and he says he currently has eight artworks ready for sale.

“Due to the large paper I work on, I have problems with folding them and keeping them secure. Sometimes it gets damaged, especially after I’ve used public transport. The alternative way is blanket drawing as it is easy to work around the material I use to convey my message,” he said.

Thoka’s great-grandmother, who is more than 100 years old, is a great inspiration for him and he drew her on one of his blankets. “She always advises me that education is the best tool to reach my destination”.

Thoka’s biggest concern is that many people in his surrounding don’t take art seriously.

“I want to educate people about the importance of art. I would love to have an Art School in a place that is in a disadvantaged area within Lephalale. Everyone needs to understand what art is and how it can be used to emancipate people,” he concludes.

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