Artist disappoints at music festival

MARAPONG — Hip-Hop artist, Emtee, deeply disappointed his fans on Saturday night during a Music Festival held at Marapong Stadium.

He collided into the DJ’s booth as he tried to prevent himself falling over and when the DJ played his song, he mimed for a few seconds before he stared at his fans, leaving them to sing the rest of the song on their own.

Emtee’s fall on the stage was followed by booing from unhappy fans.

The organiser of the event, Sello ‘Sabatho’ Kgageng, poured his heart out in dissatisfaction, saying Emtee was one of three artists that he booked.

“Basically, I can safely say fans who paid to see Emtee, had to performed on his behalf. When he wanted to hold on to the microphone, he fell, and this is not an edited video, but a video taken live and posted on Facebook where anyone can see that the artist was assisted off the stage as fans were unhappy of his conduct.”

Asked if he thought the artist was under any influence, Kgageng said: “Unfortunately I don’t have an alcohol testing device so I couldn’t tell what got him in that condition, as he spent most of the time in the car and I wasn’t speaking directly to him but to his road manager.”

Many people who attended the event shared their frustrations on Facebook and some took the matter to Twitter, where it got national attention. This resulted in Emtee getting criticised by his own fans and fellow artists, some defending him and using fatigue as an excuse for his performance on Saturday.

Kgageng says he tried numerously to get in touch with Emtee’s manager, who didn’t reply to his messages or calls.

“Since Saturday I tried to speak to the artist’s manager, to give them a report on what happened, and I receive no feedback,” he said.

He told Mogol Post that all the other booked artists as well as DJs delivered a satisfactory performance to their fans.

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