Assist in making Waterberg tourist-friendly

Tourism Monitors

VAALWATER — According to Ken Maud, Director at the Waterberg Tourism NPC, the Department of Tourism together with LEDET and TTBISA (Tourism and Business Institute of South Africa) have initiated a programme to train and create work opportunities for deserving local young people in the tourism and hospitality industries.

They have asked Waterberg Tourism and the Vaalwater CPF to assist them with the programme.

“From this week you will be seeing about 20 young people in orange and khaki uniforms in and around Vaalwater:

“Tourism Monitors will be helping in all aspects of tourism and will be visible in and around town.

Their purpose is to assist tourists by directing them to the Waterberg Tourism Office, ensuring that tourists feel comfortable here and answering any questions they may have. Apart from being visible, they will also be undergoing training in various establishments to prepare them further for a career in the tourism and hospitality industries.

Please encourage them so that we can make the Waterberg a more tourist-friendly destination,” Maud urged.

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