Attempted kidnapping has residents raging!

LEPHALALE – Social media was abuzz after information was revealed about an attempted kidnapping in Onverwacht on Monday 28 September.

The parents confirmed to Mogol Post that an incident did take place. They prefer not to comment, in order to protect their identities.

On the WhatsApp group “Ellisras Info” it was said that the make and model of the car is unknown. It has, however, been confirmed that there was a male and a female in the car, and the child was in her own yard at the time of the incident.

The group “Oorgrens Veiligheid” (translated as “Cross-Border Safety”) placed information on their Facebook page about child-kidnapping. According to this source, the SAPD has confirmed that there has been a severe increase in attempted kidnappings. (The information on the group has been checked and verified as correct.)
The following advice was given to parents to protect their children from possible kidnapping:
• Place car-chairs in the middle of the back seat – it makes it more difficult to grab your child.
• Keep vehicle doors and windows locked.
• Make sure you know where your children are when you are buying groceries or arrange for someone reliable to look after them.
• Teach your children to not speak to strangers.
• Arrange with the school that children can wait inside the school premises until they are collected.
• Look at downloading an App that children can use to make alarm.
• Don’t allow children to walk from house to house unaccompanied.
• Keep your yard locked.
• Save emergency numbers in a place where it can be reached easily.
• Stay alert and aware of your immediate surroundings – be vigilant.
• Carry pepper-spray and teach your children how to use pepper-spray.
• Consider a self-defence course for your children.
 Warrant Officer Frans Mokoena, Police spokesperson in Lephalale, said that he had no knowledge of the attempted kidnapping in Lephalale.

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