Baphuthing claims answers

LEPHALALE — On Friday, 15 June 2018 the Baphuthing clan, as the community of Seleka is known, marched to Lephalale Municipal premises to deliver a memorandum of demand to Mayor Moloko Jack Maeko.

The Baphuting claim that Maeko is undermining them and has not honoured any of the promises he made to them during the unrest in Seleka which took place because of the dethroning of Kgoši (Chief) Phetogo Seleka.

The chairperson of the community, Morami Molebatsi, told Mogol Post that residents have agreed to foot the legal bill of Kgoši Phetogo Seleka as they do not need any assistance from outsiders.

He said the agreement was that each family would pay R70 towards the legal costs, but they were surprised to find that some community members objected to the decision and they suspect that they are pro Maeko.

“We called the Mayor to arrange a meeting and he agreed to meet us and promised to bring COGHSTA to Seleka. To our surprise he hasn’t attended a meeting since then. The issues behind the dethroning of Chief Phetogo Seleka are deeply rooted.”

According to Molebatsi, they submitted their application to hold a march before Friday, but their application was rejected. They turned to the Waterberg District Municipality for advice and were told that their request to march shouldn’t have been rejected.

The community delivered their memorandum of demand on Friday, arriving in two buses, one for the elderly and the other for the youth.

Ward 1 Councillor William Motlokwa received the memorandum of demand on behalf of the Mayor.

Molebatsi said the community wasn’t happy with the Mayor’s absence even though they suspected that he would possibly not attend.

In response to those who say their march was an EFF rally, he said their march was completely apolitical and no one in the march wore any political regalia.

“Those who blame us are the very same people who want to see us frustrated by blocking all possible moves from our side.

“If our demands are not met within seven days as stated in the memorandum we will apply for a march again and arrive in more buses. We will walk from town to the municipal offices to make our demands heard.”

All Mogol Post’s attempts to get a comment from Lephalale Mayor Jack Maeko were unsuccessful as his phone rang unanswered.

In the pictures are the memorandum, protesters and Ward 1 Cllr William Motlokoa responding to marchers.

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