Be warned — some number plates are illegal

LEPHALALE — Do you think you are fancy to attach number plates to your vehicle that don’t meet the prescribed standards? Well, think again. Those tiny writing number plates do not meet the regulations and SABS standards and are thus illegal!

Mr Pilusa, Assistant Superintendent of the Traffic Department in Lephalale, pointed out to Mogol Post that there are quite a lot of vehicles in town driving with illegal number plates. The letter size of a normal number plate must be 75 mm high by standard. The SANS number, issued by the SABS to registered number plate manufacturers, must also appear on the number plate and indicated under the province’s name. The number plate must be made of high-quality material and must have a certain thickness. However, application can be made for private number plates whose letter size may be slightly smaller, but it comes with extra costs.

The difference in the correct (on top) and incorrect number plates

Yet, there are many opportunists who make money from vehicle owners who are unaware of the laws and regulations that number plates must comply with. Mostly, the quality of the number plates is also very poor. As a result, traffic officials may remove such number plates from your vehicle.

Reputable vehicle dealers are up to date with the requirements for making number plates after vehicle registration and have them made by accredited number plate manufacturers in town. The problem comes when you want to be different from the rest. It doesn’t pay to try and show off. The “illegal” number plate manufacturers, in other words, those who are not registered with the SABS and do not have a SANS number, also run the risk of landing in hot water.

Mr Pilusa is urging vehicle owners to abide by the rules and regulations and to make sure they have “legal” number plates attached to their vehicles.

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