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Sis Ntsakisi Ruth Malabie, Maggy Kgwantha, Apostle Kgomotso, Georgina Mokoena, Dr.Sebopa, Molatelo Kgwantha, Zanele Cossa and Ephy Mathebula
Sis Ntsakisi Ruth Malabie, Maggy Kgwantha, Apostle Kgomotso, Georgina Mokoena, Dr.Sebopa, Molatelo Kgwantha, Zanele Cossa and Ephy Mathebula

Ria Wells
LEPHALALE – The Bereka Mosadi organisation, which stands for empowering women, under the leadership of Zanele Cossa, held a glittering seminar for a select audience at the Junction on Saturday.
Each lady who attended was beautifully attired in black and gold which was also the theme of the seminar.
Maggy Kgwantha, previous Speaker of the Lephalale Municipality and currently MC of Limpopo acted as the program director. She expressed her joy at seeing so many familiar faces again.
The programme was packed with current topics addressed by various speakers, which each woman benefitted from.
Dr.Sebopa, a medical practitioner in Lephalale gave insight and detail about breast cancer and pointed to signs that may be indicative of breast cancer, but also made them aware of a healthy lifestyle. She encouraged everyone to invest in their health.
Molatelo Kgwantha, Maggy’s daughter who owns her own Skin and Healthcare centre in Polokwane and also acts as a health coach, went into depth regarding what it means to maintain a healthy lifestyle. And that doesn’t necessarily mean being thin, she said. She pointed out a couple of no-no’s including starvation and not eating breakfast as one of the biggest diet mistakes to be made. To lose weight, she says, is to eat a correctly balanced diet in proportion to the various food groups. She also emphasised constant and various types of exercise. Molatelo pointed out that maintaining a healthy lifestyle has countless medical benefits and at the same time making you look and feel great!
Lephalale’s own Ephy Mathebula, who recently reached the top 25 finalists in the Mrs. South Africa competition, spoke about self-confidence and how difficult it was for her to get to the point where she worked though her fears so that today she can air her point of view and appear in front of audiences. This was the first time since her announcement as a finalist that she had the opportunity to wear her sash, something she was very excited about. She quoted Jack Canfield who said: “Everything you want is on the other side of fear,” and said the question is how to get to the other side because fear is the enemy of self-confidence. She put it clearly to the audience that for every new step they take, fear will kick in, but not to despair, take the decision, be strong and courageous just as God told Joshua to be – get successfully to the end, unafraid and with confidence.
Georgina Mokoena, the daughter of Mama Maria Maekga, spoke unashamedly about her years growing up in Shongoane 1. And that was not easy. They were poor, her mum was a cleaner with four children to feed and to see to their other needs too. With very little money. Until the day her mum resigned and started over right at the bottom as an entrepreneur. She began selling clothes and perfume as well as meat from out of a cool box, still very difficult but with perseverance she progressed until she managed to start her own cleaning business. She encouraged the audience to go out and gather information without fear and to do something with it in order to move beyond the grip of unemployment and poverty. “Don’t be afraid to start from scratch or to fail. There will always be challenges. Don’t run away from them. Believe in yourself and stop complaining!”
Georgina also started her own business with her mum’s motivation and radiates passion, self-confidence and elegance. A true example for other seminar attendees.
Motivational speaker, Sis Ntsakisi Ruth Malabie from Gentle Folk Foundation, like the previous speakers, also encouraged the ladies to be brave enough to take chances in life. And when you take chances it also motivates others to do the same. She said she was “pregnant” with the idea to get a platform where woman together could share ideas and the many possibilities that life offered them; and thanked Zanele for creating this platform. She said even though life sometimes deals you a bad hand she is grateful for woman who are there to support each other. She further said that “every village has a princess” and referred to Ephy as an example. But to become a princess one must show discipline to rise above your circumstances. “All of us have stories. Go home and find a purpose for your life. No one must stop you from changing your life and it is not necessary to suffer and inflict pain on yourself. Take every opportunity to be happy and do it with passion”, she said.
All women have dreams, everyone is unique, but all women, whether they realise it or not, are busy with social development. She encouraged woman to also help their children with the development of their dreams and passions. Sis Ntsakisi emphasised that it is not about the pretty face, but about self-confidence and when opportunities come knocking on your door to grab them as this is often what makes the difference. If you can get up in the morning, you can still chase your goals and if you are bitter about life, don’t be, the question is what can YOU do about it? She encouraged the ladies to look for help if they have problems, because “how strong can you be when your circumstances as a woman are bad?” Change must happen deliberately in everyone’s life and don’t live in denial about your life style, change your mind-set. Everyone is on a journey in life. Don’t ignore the things that beat you up!” Change is the keyword to a better life and she encouraged the ladies to do some introspection and to learn to say NO to those things that do not fit into a healthy life style. “Develop, grow, plan your own life, don’t be forced to do things that are not necessary for you to do”. She concluded by asking:” What are you willing to do to leave your mark in life?”
Zanele thanked everyone and also handed over flowers to those who had contributed to making the day the success it was. She also complimented the women again on how gorgeous they looked.
Apostle Kgomotso from Mokopane led the opening sermon and prayer as well as the closure of the proceedings. As a dynamic woman she delivered a heartrending, soul message and blessed the women with God’s grace and favour.

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