Birthday becomes wedding

SELEKA — On Saturday 21 July in Letlora Village, Ruth Motsuki’s 60th birthday party turned out to be a big surprise for all of the guests. Ruth appeared with a white wedding dress and Miriam Ledwaba (53) put a ring on Ruth’s finger. The birthday celebration was in fact a wedding celebration for extended family.

Miriam and Ruth

Mogol Post spoke to Ruth on Monday morning, two days after they got married.

“The father of my son, Daniel, died in 2002. He got married to Miriam after he left me and Bossley Ledwaba was born out of their marriage,” Ruth explains. The rest of their family wasn’t aware of the fact that Ruth and Ledwaba had a child together but Miriam explained everything in a speech that she delivered during the ceremony.

“This wedding was a step forward to prove our commitment to our extended family and each other,” Ruth concluded.

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