Black Umbrella awards

LEPHALALE — Black Umbrellas held its fifth regional awards ceremony, for the 2018 financial year, in Lephalale on Thursday 9 May.

Before the nominated companies and ultimate winners were announced, there were motivation and guidance given to potential, emerging and already up in the game entrepreneurs who are making a difference in the society.

Nthabiseng Monyepao from Succinct Investment told entrepreneurs that South Africa needs them to transform the economy and help breadwinners put bread on their own tables.

“The entrepreneur role carriers too much responsibility and if conducted appropriately we can safely say an entrepreneur is on the right journey.

“There is knowledge from the book as well as insight from experience and I can assure you that business is about working with people, not about the theory from books.

“As an entrepreneur, you need to acknowledge that your staff is crucial because through them, together you can produce a product which will represent the business.

“From there the business needs to deliver on time instead of explaining why you have not delivered,” she said.

The regional awards had three categories, starting with the most jobs created which honours companies that have managed to create the highest number of posts, both full time and temporary.

The winner of this category was GMSQ & MA Holdings.

There was also a category called best performing company, which honours companies that have the highest turnover, profit and net asset value created in 2018 and the winner was Debar Ceramics (Pty) Ltd.

Then there was best SBU Ambassador which honours companies that consistently abide by Black Umbrellas’ compliance requirements, and the winner was Taung Construction (Pty) Ltd.

Precious Tshabalala, the Manager of Black Umbrellas for inland regions including Lephalale, said the purpose of the awards was to encourage the choice of entrepreneurship above employment.

“We are proud of Lephalale entrepreneurs where millionaires have been produced.

“Through what we do, there has been a creation of business wealth, and we also wish to see entrepreneurs comply with SARS among other things.”

Tshabalala further said that in the past four years inland regions have contributed R2,3 billion combined in various sectors.

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