Bravo maak ʼn verskil

“Tradition of Dhuku”

LEPHALALE — A strong woman does not have an attitude … a strong woman has a standard!
Lephalale Site Services (LSS), a catering company for the Medupi workforce, celebrated Women’s Day on Thursday, 15 August at Marapong’s dining hall with the theme “Tradition of Dhuku”.

Nelia Jordan, Salminah Mokgohloa, Phuti Mphelo, Sergeant SO Marokane, Dr Ramokone Kekana, Suzel Booth and Dolfie Bele

The day was marked by ladies beautifully dressed up for the occasion and the event was opened by Bruce Potter, Operations Manager. Nelia Jordan, LSS’ dietician and also a musician, entertained the guests with flute and piano together with Riekie Stopforth. The women in the audience spontaneously sang and danced to the loud music that filled the room.

Programme Director Dolfie Bele did an excellent job by keeping the women entertained with his spicy and humorous personality.

Powerful messages, related to Women’s Day, were delivered by various people. Salminah Mokgohloa, Eskom’s representative, gave a short and powerful message and Dr Ramokone Kekana, a dentist, who had travelled from Pretoria, shared valuable knowledge about women. She said that womanhood is about inner strength and emphasized women’s attitude about positivity. She further urged that women should support one another and not underestimate the power of the mind. “Save yourself a lot of trouble, like getting depressed, and keep up a good healthy lifestyle,” she said.

Suzel Booth from Stanley Inspection College encouraged the ladies to face the challenges in life and to plan their lives around obstacles to empower themselves through training.

Mrs Phuti Mphelo, a Chartered Accountant, said in her motivational speech that the women who walked to the Union Building in 1965 for women’s rights will always be celebrated. Her message was one of encouragement based on faith. “We are strong, believe in yourself through God who gives us strength,” and according to another scripture: “You are the light of the world as the light takes out the darkness in your life”.

She emphasized all to live a life of gratitude, even towards small things, and said that women should fully face challenges – “set the tone and know who you are NOT!”

Sergeant SO Marokane from the Lephalale SAPS K9 Unit delivered a powerful message. She strongly expressed herself against drug trafficking, where women also get painfully abused. She said that no woman should, under any circumstances, get involved in the world of drugs and become drug mules for the sake of getting paid because it results in lives getting ruined. The also emphasizes that these same drugs can be smuggled to your child. She urged the ladies to stay strong and stand up against domestic violence as well. “Use your voice to say NO! Respect yourself and act so that others will respect you too.”

Nelia Jordan thanked everyone who attributed to the success of the day, and in particular the speakers who inspired the women with powerful messages.

Afterwards, everyone enjoyed a delicious lunch.

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