Business owners and SAPS engage

LEPHALALE — Various shop managers/owners, members of security companies, members of the post office and members of the SAPS held a Sector Business Forum meeting on Tuesday at 10:00 in the Pistorius Group’s board room in Fox Odendaal Street.
An important issue on the agenda was the use of disabled parking spaces at shopping centres by people who are not disabled. The forum make an urgent appeal to all motorists to respect the disabled parking and to leave it open for those who really need it.
Another agenda point referred to people walking around and pretending to be employees of Boxer Store. They approach shoppers and offer to get their packed trolley outside the store without them having to pay for the groceries, in exchange for a sum of money. Boxer managers say they make regular in store announcements for their shoppers to be on the lookout for these criminals.
The police urge all business owners/managers to attend these business forum meetings on a regular basis because valuable information is shared during these meetings. It also gives the shop owners the opportunity to lodge complaints with the police. “We want to assist the community and businesses, but if the role players do not respond to our efforts and invitations to engage, it is difficult to build a relationship” Warrant Officer Frans Mokoena, Lephalale SAPS spokesperson says.
He says the police even went from shop to shop on Tuesday to invite the managers/owners personally to the meeting.

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