CANSA Relay for Life

LEPHALALE — CANSA Relay for Life gives you the opportunity to pay tribute to those who lost the battle against cancer or those who are still fighting the battle.
This year’s event is to be held on Saturday 10 September (official opening starts 18:00) right through the night until 06:00 on Sunday 11 September. Teams can start to build their camps from 14:00 on Saturday.
Herewith just a few rules that you might find helpful in preparation for the event:
• NO Alcohol / drugs / smoking / pets allowed;
• Please use the gates stipulated as open during the event;
• Do not damage the grass while driving on the field with any vehicle / limited vehicles allowed on the field / use parking area;
• No open flames directly on the grass / protection below open braai’s to ensure no damage to grass surface;
• Power supply must be treated as a live system at all times;
• Club property should be regarded as private property;
• Club grounds must be left clean after the event;
• Keep the ablutions blocks clean;
• No Chinese Lanterns may be released during the event;
• Gazebo’s for your convenience must be left behind (all gazebo’s are sponsored and need to be returned);
• Respect others;
• Take part in the CANSA Relay for Life standard events (opening / closing ceremony / survivor / care givers laps / luminaria / ceremony of hope / fight back / mission delivery and Cancer education and have fun;
• Lap counts are per team and not per individual in the team;
• Funny laps will be done during the evening such as funny hats / 1931 dress up (CANSA is 85 years old this year) / pyjama / neon / toi-toi / funky dress / backward lap / fancy dress / sports team / clown laps;
• Sport activities in the centre of the field should be done as group participation for more fun and team building;
• All fundraising events during the evening must be declared to CANSA;
• Any misconduct must be reported immediately to the Committee members;
• Funds raised should be deposited at the finance table during the event and before 05:00 on Sunday morning.
Contact Riana Bronkhorst for more information at 014 763 4528 or 082 663 5719.

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