Cash for Scrap — recycling paying off

LEPHALALE — During a meeting of the Lephalale Clean Up campaign on Thursday, 7 February, it was confirmed that the project was gaining momentum thanks to keen residents collaborating with the local municipality. The local council has an obligation under the waste management framework to promote waste minimization and recycling strategies and needs the assistance of the private sector to implement these strategies.

Joe Meyer installed the first blue (for recycled material) and orange (for rubbish) bins. It is an ongoing process throughout town

Last week Edward Mashishi, Head of Lephalale Municipality’s Waste Management, and Joe Meyer, chairman of the private initiative, drove through town and identified key points where to replace broken rubbish bins and to place extra bins. A two-bin system will be implemented. It was stressed that a culture change is necessary to put rubbish inside the bins provided and not to litter on the ground. There is also a need for 210-liter drums. Please contact Joe Meyer on 083 264 6204 in this regard.

On Monday, 11 February, the area next to the Stockpoort Road at Mamojela Park was cleaned under the supervision of the municipality and Joe Meyer. Private initiatives have been launched and some of the residents of Mamojela Park have earned their first money by recycling material. Joe and Edward are planning a visit to Mahlakung informal settlement next to Ellisras District Hospital on February 16.

The park department also gave feedback saying that broken machinery used to clean parks, open areas and pavements was handed in for repairs. Trudi Grobler, who is making a huge contribution to the project, was in talks with business owners who mostly confirmed that they had always been cleaning around their premises and others were positive to pay attention to the situation.

How will the two-bin system work?

Lephalale Local Municipality will be installing a two-bin system on the streets around town and Onverwacht. One bin will be orange and the other one blue. Please note that the orange bin is for disposal of general non-recyclable waste and the blue bin is for disposal of recyclable materials such as cans, plastic and glass bottles. The blue bins will have a sticker on it: “Please recycle”. Edward appeals to the community to separate recyclable waste materials from non-recyclables. Members of the community are also requested to avoid littering and illegal dumping.

According to Joshua Hlapa from the Department Waste Management at the Lephalale Municipality, the municipality is already busy with a waste exchange and beneficiation program.

Contact the waste management division at 014 762 1432/1485 to become part of this programme.

Mogol Post will communicate with the community about the rules of waste and materials that cannot be placed in rubbish bins such as batteries, cell phones, engine oil, fluorescent lights, as well as the blue bags for households.

cThe next meeting will be on Thursday 14 February at Machauka Lodge. Anyone is welcome to attend.

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