Centenarian: Ramoleta Phillimon Magwai

Last Saturday family members of Ramoleta Phillimon Magwai celebrated his 100th birthday in Marapong Ext2.

Born on 16 July 1919 on a farm in the Steenbokpan area, he slightly follows the footsteps of his late mother Annah Magwai, who died at the age of 106 years old in 2008. 

After growing up in Steenbokpan,

Magwai went to study in Bela-Bela before returning to Lephalale in 1939.

He would later start his first job in 1943.

He spent 7 years working on a farm under where his duties included maintenance of the farm and taking care of livestock before departing to work as an Assistant to the Post-mortem Surgeon. 

Magwai is currently a member of the Mpepule Old Age Home which is based at SAVF in Marapong.

He is one of the few centenarian people in the Waterberg District. His party on Saturday was held under the #BBB100, a hashtag for the Best Biggest Beautiful 100th year Birthday Celebration.

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