Century and a decade old

An elderly citizen received special treatment for her 110th birthday on Wednesday 16 May. She received groceries and blankets as part of her birthday celebrations.

Ramokone Francina was born on 16 May 1908 on a farm near Mokopane. She later moved to Dubs Section in Mokuronyane, where she currently lives with her family.

Her granddaughter, Boitumelo Mahilo told Mogol Post that the family feels very fortunate to have someone of her age constantly guiding them. She also shares her experiences, which are a guideline to living a disciplined life, with her family.

“My grandmother always encourages us to go to school and to learn more. She unfortunately never received any education, although she always wanted to be a teacher,” says Boitumelo.

The family wanted to arrange something special for their grandmother and when they met Lephalale Municipal Councillors, led by Mayor Jack Maeko recently, they informed them about their plans to organise a celebration for the 110-year-old.

Boitumelo says her birthday brought their extended families together and what surprised them was that on the day before her birthday, Ramokone was very active and looking forward to the next day.

The centenarian’s birthday is a day before Jack Maeko’s and Boitumelo says the family was promised an RDP house in her name. Also, the 20 free driver’s license project will benefit the residents of Dubbs section.

Boitumelo says the community will not forget what her grandmother’s presence and existence means to them.

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