“Children should feel safe”

LEPHALALE — Seen in the light that last week was Child Protection Week, members of Lephalale SAPS Social Crime Prevention, the K9 unit and Cluster Communication visited a crèche in Lephalale town on Thursday 13 June.

The purpose of the visit was to educate children about the dangers of firearms, the risks of communicating with and receiving sweets from strangers, getting in the car of a stranger and the dangers of using drugs and other illegal substances.

The children were also advised not to play with fire or to play alone in the street, and they were urged to report any kind of abuse to Police or their teachers.

“Your body belongs to you, and no one is allowed to touch them in the way that they don’t feel comfortable,” they were told.

According to WO Mokoena, all children should know that the police are their friends and they should feel safe when they see a police member.

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