Concerned residents

MARAPONG — Residents of Captain Thulare Park G Section, an informal settlement in Marapong, have approached Mogol Post to share their frustration on the flowing sewerage within their residence.

Skip bins haven’t been collected for almost two months

According to residents, the sewage leakage is a problem for the past two months, and they have asked the Department of Water and Sanitation at the Lephalale Municipality to intervene, without any success.

A resident in the area who wants to stay anonymous for fear of victimisation, says he has tried numerously to speak to the responsible people, also with no success.

“This sewerage flow is a health risk. The contaminated water flows within shack yards and where people pass to access and exit different points of this section.

“The other potential danger is children drowning while walking nearby the sewerage flow because there have been holes dug up filled with sewage where the public walks.

Even during elections the voting station at Phegelelo High School close to Thulare Park, had this sewerage flowing by and everyone endured the smell to cast their votes,” says the concerned resident.

Mogol Post went to the area and spoke to a mother who said she closes her gates all the time to stop her children from walking out not monitored, because she fears they might drown, as the sewerage is close to her shack.

Three people were eating outside a shack which is less than 100 metres from the building that houses the machine which pumps and sends sewerage to the main plant in Marapong Ext 4.

Lephalale Municipality told Mogol Post they are aware of the leaking sewerage in the area.

Disputing the notion that the leakage has been on for two months now, the municipality says the matter was brought to their attention on 23 April 2019, and as a temporary measure, the municipality has sourced the services of Sanitech to offload the sewer at the pump station.

Asked when the problem will be fixed the municipality said: “A team from the Sanitation Division is working around the clock to identify the cause of the blockage leading to an overflow.

“To ensure that the sewerage doesn’t cause health problems to residents, we have given the school chlorine to pour on affected areas, and we also poured chlorine, to reduce the smell and the spread of pathogens.”

In addition, the municipality says its Sanitation Division is working hard to identify and address the challenge at the pump station.

Residents also complained about skip bins which have not been collected in a while and kids who may end up playing with dangerous things.

“The biggest challenge is that the community of Thulare Park disposes of unwanted material, such as building rubble and other bulky waste, and it becomes impossible for the compactor truck to lift the bin.

“As a solution, the municipality is in the process to utilise a TLB machine to empty the bin and separate the unwanted waste like building rubble and other bulk waste, to enable final disposal at the landfill site,” said the municipality.

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