CPF and Police work hand in hand

LEPHALALE — “The Community Policing Forum (CPF) and the police are working well together operationally, but administratively there is still room for improvement,” says Colonel Daniel Ramkgoakgoa, Lephalale SAPS Station Commander.

Thys Eloff and Col Ramkgoakgoa

Col Ramkgoakgoa invited Mogol Post and the Chairperson of the CPF, Thys Eloff, to a special meeting to discuss the relationship between the CPF and the Police in Lephalale. This special meeting was requested following a report in Mogol Post’s 29 June 2018 edition: “If the Police are not here – why are we here?” The report addressed the absence of the Police at the monthly CPF meetings.

Col Ramkgoakgoa explained that the Section Commanders have been appointed to attend the CPF meeting and if there are specific issues that the community wants to discuss with the Station Commander, he will be present to address the issues.

He furthermore said that their main challenge is a lack of resources. Lephalale Police Station serves a very large area, therefore they need to prioritise when called out to a scene. “If a case of domestic violence is reported and someone else reports a case of noise disturbance we need to first attend to the more serious case of domestic violence. The community doesn’t understand that,” he said. The fact that they usually only have two vehicles available for call-outs, does not make their job easier.

In order for him to follow up on bad service or no response when the police are called out, the complainant needs to write down the following:

  • Who you are talking to;
  • The time of the call;
  • Reason for complaint;
  • The reply from the Police;
  • The estimated response time;

If there is no response within an hour’s time, follow up and call again.

Col Ramkgoakgoa said they are deeply grateful for the assistance from the CPF members as the lack of resources makes their task difficult. He emphasized that the Police and the CPF are working hand in hand and that he and his team are more than willing to help within their ability.

The community is also requested to act pro-actively and to assist the Police with the major fight against crime in Lephalale.

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