CPF – no tolerance for criminality

LEPHALALE — The monthly gathering of the Community Policing Forum (CPF) was held at 14:00 on Thursday 21 February at the Mogol Club.

The CPF meeting is held every third Thursday afternoon from 14:00 at Mogol Club every month

Thys Eloff, chairperson of the CPF, explained to the attendees that, as explained before, the structure of the CPF meeting may change in future. “What we decide on station management level during a CPF meeting will be communicated to cluster level and the cluster will communicate to Province. “We will give you the required feedback,” he said.

There are some issues that we want to address.

Eloff said theft and burglary are still problematic, especially in residential areas. There is a slight decline in business burglaries.

Dog poisoning
After a few weeks of no dog poisoning incidents, the problem returned and dogs are being poisoned again by burglars. “Residents should be vigilant if dogs act strangely.”

Card scammers
Card scammers are still out there. “When using an ATM, please take excessive care, it is a real problem. The youth, especially school children are being targeted, but the whole community, irrespective of age, gender or sex, should be on the lookout and vigilant. They hit everywhere – Onverwacht, Shongoane, Marapong, Lephalale, all the areas are targets. We need more interaction from the community on that please,” Eloff explained.

General lawlessness
General lawlessness is still a problem with people failing to stop at stop streets, skipping red robots and urinating in public.

Just by driving around town you can see that the state of our town is really not what it should be.

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