CPF shares frustrations — but act in a legal way

LEPHALALE — The recent unrest situation and illegal actions a while ago where people were injured and property damaged was discussed at the meeting of the Community Policing Forum (CPF) last Thursday.

People shouldn’t disrupt the town or other people’s income by their actions

Thys Eloff, chairperson of the CPF, said the CPF shares the community members’ desire to work, to have jobs and that as many local people as possible should be utilized.

“I however think we should be careful when we want to achieve a good thing but the only thing that we achieve is to frustrate fellow community members.

Eloff said as example that he doesn’t qualify for a job at Exxaro, but the fact that he doesn’t qualify for a job should not frustrate or hinder a person who does qualify.

“We shouldn’t disrupt town or other people’s income by our actions. This is a plea that I want to raise today. If we can support someone in a legal and legitimate matter, I will raise my hand to support it. But then it must be structured and conducive to the community as a whole. We cannot have a situation where for example, Onverwacht benefits, but the rest of the community loses out,” he concluded.

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