Dagga cultivation exposed


ALLDAYS — Five suspects between the ages of 21 and 35 were arrested by Alldays SAPS on Friday 5 February by 00:40 on Eden Farm in Alldays. Two of the arrested men are Zimbabwean nationals and one is a South African. The two women are both Zimbabweans.
According to Warrant Officer Frans Mokoena, Lephalale SAPS spokesperson, it is alleged that the police received a tip-off from someone in the community about dagga cultivation on Eden Farm.
SAPS Alldays planned an urgent operation and raided the farm on Thursday 4 February from 19:00 until 01:30 on Friday 5 February. The police discovered four different small dagga cultivations as well as a lot of dagga plants. The suspects were arrested and all dagga plants were uprooted. The dagga weighed 180 kg and the estimated street value is R50 000.
The suspects appeared in court on Monday, but at the time of going to press Col. Ronel Otto, Limpopo police spokesperson, was not available for an update on the outcome of the court appearance (CAS 06/02/2016).

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  1. When I was burglarised SAPS had no vehicle to come and help me.
    Why don’t they go catch some crooks.
    The raid probably had too many police to bribe them all.
    It is a pity there were not less police then a bribe could have been paid.

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