Disastrous Disaster Centre

The Disaster Centre in Lephalale gives meaning to its name. It is a disaster.
During the Lephalale Community Safety Forum meeting held on Thursday 17 August, the effectiveness of and role that the Disaster Centre will have to play in times of need was questioned.
Various role players confirmed that they had made a point of visiting the Disaster Centre over weekends and no-one was on duty. Apparently, the fire trucks were parked in the designated parking spaces, but there was nobody in the building.
According to Theo Pistorius, former owner of Molalatau Security, he wanted to utilize the space by establishing Molalatau Security’s control room there, equipped with emergency radios. However, they had to remove the equipment from the building after the first heavy rainfall because the foundation of the building is apparently below the flood line.
Most of the building as well as the power points were under water.
Thys Eloff, who acted as chairperson for the meeting, reacted by saying that the community of Lephalale will have to realise and accept that there is no emergency or disaster centre in Lephalale, especially over weekends.
Mogol Post sent an enquiry to Lephalale Municipality regarding the Disaster Centre and how it’s been managed, but at the time of going to print, there was no response yet.

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