Disgusting posters removed


Nico Pienaar and Sybil Nieuwoudt

LEPHALALE — A while ago Mogol Post enquired at the Municipal Manager, Edith Tukakgomo, about the disgusting posters everywhere in town that promise penis enlargements, abortions, etc.
The question was what the Municipality does regarding bylaw enforcement in general, but in this case removing the posters, detecting the perpetrators and preventing them from just proceeding with their unlawful acts and from defacing the town.
The Municipality’s answer to the question was: “The Municipality, through the Development Planning Directorate, is enforcing the Outdoor Advertising bylaw. We are in the process of contacting all illegal advertisers that advertise on municipal property without approval by the Municipality. The officials remove all posters that don’t have municipal approval with a stamp on. Upon identification of transgressors, punitive measures are imposed on the culprits as per approved municipal tariffs.”
In the meantime, members of the DA, together with community volunteers, took the initiative on the public holiday, Monday 25 September, to remove these posters from walls, trash cans, refuse containers and other objects.
According to Sybil Nieuwoudt, DA Councilor, this initiative does not have any connection with Mogol Post’s enquiry addressed to the Municipal Manager. It was purely an attempt by the community to make a start in removing the messy posters.
In the meantime, the question still remains – are those who violate the law arrested and removed from the town? Removing the posters does not solve the origin of the problem.

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