Ditheku’s Award Function

MARAPONG — On Friday 18 October Ditheku Primary School in Marapong held its Award Ceremony, aimed at recognizing high performers in the 2019 academic year.

School Principal, Mrs MF Motshegoa, told parents of learners present at the function that she was proud of the more than 1 300 learners in the school.

“We have planted a seed of learning, and in 2019 the seed is now going to progress to secondary level. In my view, you have well-mannered kids. I want to encourage you as parents to morally support your children to help them reach their goals.”

Before the award-giving, Motshegoa mentioned that hard work deserves rewards, and hardworking people should never return home empty-handed.

A total of 35 high performers from grade one to seven were awarded certificates and trophies.

Among them were a group of 15 learners that was chosen to write a quiz to test their knowledge in Mathematics and Economic Management Sciences by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA).

These learners represented the circuit and got participation certificates from both SAICA and the school.

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