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LEPHALALE — The committee members of the New Hope Centre in Lephalale plan to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday on 18 July in a special way.

According to Linda Rocher, committee member, they have decided to do their 67 minutes of community service by handing over special care packets to each car guard at the Lephalale Mall and Spar (Sunset Plaza Onverwacht) who try to earn a living by looking after the cars of the community while they are doing shopping.

“We want to celebrate the idea that each individual has the power to transform the world and has the ability to make an impact on someone else’s life,” she says.

“We need donations from the community which can be dropped off at the New Hope Centre, next to Lowveld Bus Service in the light industrial area or 14 Reedbuck Street in Onverwacht. The donations can be, but should not be limited to, sun screen, hats and water bottles,” Linda concluded.

The New Hope Centre, with the slogan “Care for Life”, is a Non-Profit Organization, founded in 1999. The name of the centre developed out of one common core purpose, which is to bring to those who feel that all hope is lost.

More about New Hope Centre:

Their mission is to:

  • Have a hand in improving quality of life, to implant skills with a skill development plan to empower people that are less fortunate with a skill to become self-sustained instead of dependable and to be the extended arm of the primary healthcare services.

Their services:

  • Supply of food parcels and clothes, donated by their partners. Referrals come from the community, churches, schools, hospitals, clinics and outreach and awareness programmes.
  • Counselling to those who are distressed and are in need of support and guidance.
  • Skills development programmes where new skills are taught so that individuals can become self-sustained.
  • Hospice home-based care. Mobile teams of professionally supervised and trained caregivers travel to support and teach families to provide care at home for their terminally ill relatives. This is the primary means of service delivery for many patients who are home-bound. Not only is this cost effective, but also allows patients to be at home where they often prefer to be.

How can you get involved?

  • Become a financial partner. You will be supplied with a section 18 tax certificate.
  • Become part of the community project, as a member, or part time volunteer.
  • Become a donor. Groceries, vegetables, fruit, clothes, household goods, medical equipment, blankets and furniture are all required.
  • Assist with mentoring, skills development, support group coor-dinating, counselling or marketing.

Contact any of the committee members for more information: Malcolm 071 133 8981, Audrey 063 727 5430, Stephanie 079 930 1917, Elsa 082 447 5198 or Linda 066 256 3303.

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