Do you know this man?

LEPHALALE — The pictured man went to the Maroela Oord for the elderly in Onverwacht on Tuesday 5 February just after 16:00, pretending to sell duvets. After convincing one of the elderly residents to open the security gate for him, he tried to sell his duvets to some of the residents but none of them were interested.

He then went to one of the units in the Maroela-Oord and asked a resident if he could clean her jewellery for her but she refused. He returned after a while, showing her a small container with a little “ball” inside. He asked her for her ring and he put it in the container after which he gave the container back to her and said she must refrigerate the container with her ring in it for half an hour. According to the resident, he then said to her he was going back to another lady whose ring he cleaned and then he would return to her. He gave her one of the duvets as token of appreciation for allowing him to clean the ring. After he left, she felt uncomfortable with the situation and removed the container from the refrigerator, opened it, finding nothing more than a few pieces of scrap metal inside. She ran after him but he was already gone.

cThe closed-circuit television’s footage was played back by one of the staff members where it is clear that he asked someone to open the gate in order for him to leave the premises as soon as possible. He escaped into the street where he was presumably picked up by someone.

Anyone with any information about his whereabouts, can contact Constable M Nndwamato, Lephalale SAPS, at 014 762 1048. The case number for reference is CAS 50/2/19.

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