Dumping a dreadful mess

LEPHALALE — Mogol Post received a message from a resident at Kloppenheim flats, alleging that the staff of Kloppenheim dump rubbish and garden refuge on numerous occasions in an open patch of land with signage stating “No Dumping”.

The complainant, who wants to stay anonymous, also alleges that the complex manager, Cindy Jansen van Vuuren and her assistant, who does the gardening for Kloppenheim, are aware of the situation.

“On the weekend of 29 September, a fire started. All the garden refuge that staff of Kloppenheim are dumping was lit. If it wasn’t for the quick thinking of the security staff, there could have been a huge uncontrollable fire due to the strong winds,” the complainant wrote.

Mogol Post contacted Cindy for comment and she says she is battling to keep the area clean. “It is not the Kloppenheim staff that is dumping there. We try our utmost best to keep the area clean. Our staff cleans the area and it’s actually the responsibility of the municipality. There were builders opposite Kloppenheim flats who dumped their builder’s rubble there and we had to clean up after them. It’s the same with the sewage – our staff tries to resolve the endless sewage problems and it is not even our responsibility,” an upset Cindy said to Mogol Post.

Cindy furthermore said she is aware of the fire and immediately attended to the situation and started to extinguish the fire with fire extinguishers. They were on the scene immediately.

“We also erected the ‘No Dumping’ signage after the incident,” she said.

According to Cindy, it was community members who dumped garden refuge there last weekend. They lit the bags before they drove away, she said.

Cindy is aware of the fact that there is currently a cleaning campaign in progress in town and she and her staff are in desperate need of assistance in cleaning up the area around Kloppenheim.

“We are not the ones dumping rubbish into the channel. The community must assist Kloppenheim Management to get the municipality to clean up the areas and to concentrate their efforts on the storm water culvert east of Kloppenheim that is constantly flooded with raw sewerage that needs to be cleaned up. The sewage ends up in the Mogol River. The situation needs urgent attention, please,” Cincy urged.

Mogol Post asked the Lephalale Municipality for comment. According to them, the area in question is private property and therefore not their responsibility to clean and maintain. They will however look into the issue and follow up if nessesary.

There was no mention of the sewage issues from the side of the municipality.

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