EFF demands answers

LEPHALALE — The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in the Waterberg Region handed over a memorandum of demands to the acting Chief Executive Officer of Ellisras Provincial Hospital, Dr Ditend Mbako, on Wednesday 17 October 2018.

EFF memebers, accompanied by SAPS on their way to hand over their grievances

The red berets marched to the hospital’s premises in Onverwacht where they gave authorities 14 days to react to their list of grievances.

  • The party says they would like to see changes in the provincial hospital and their memorandum highlighted the following:
  • The Out-Patient Department (OPD) at the Ellisras District Hospital sends patients back to the nearest clinic in order for them to get a reference letter from the clinic.
  • The acting CEO and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) have both been in acting positions for more than five years – the EFF insists that both get permanent appointments immediately.
  • The cleanliness of the hospital is not in accordance with health standards and cleaning services should be insourced.
  • Members of the staff have a bad attitude – the doctors arrive late for work and go home as early as possible. This must be stopped immediately.
  • Doctors do not go to clinics as they do not have transport. Doctors should be able to visit each and every clinic that falls under Ellisras District Hospital.
  • Local people should be given preference in terms of employment in the hospital and the shortlisting and hiring processes with the advertising of a position, should be conducted by the Hospital staff.
  • The pharmacists are mostly not at work and so patients struggle to get medicine.
  • There should be a pharmacist on duty – 24/7.
  • All advertised, frozen and vacant positions should urgently be filled.
  • The hospital security should be upgraded and intensified and insourced to benefit locals.
  • Health workers should be paid overtime and management should resolve their hardships at the workplace.
  • Management should investigate the use of alcohol during night work shifts and provide a detailed report as part of the response on this memorandum.

After the memorandum was handed over, Mogol Post spoke to Lebohang Monaheng, the EFF regional chairperson in the Waterberg district.

He says conditions are terrible at Ellisras District Hospital.

Monaheng raised concerns regarding the fact that there are many acting positions at the hospital.

In his response to Mogol Post he asked fierce questions like:

“How can you have a passion for and be loyal to your employer and workplace if you have not been permanently employed in your position for more than five years?

Where did you hear that you cannot get medical attention from a hospital’s OPD? Since when do you need a reference letter from a clinic?

Also, how can it be tolerated that the night nurses take alcohol to work?”

The Health Department Provincial Spokesperson, Neil Shikhwambana, says his department is aware of the concerns raised by the EFF.

“We have promised the EFF to revert within a reasonable time period, until we have given the EFF our official report, we cannot comment on the contents of the response.

The department is in the process of filling vacant posts at hospital management level and will be filling the post at Ellisras Hospital in due course,” he said, responding to the concern about the hospital having had an acting CEO for over five years.

Shikhwambana says the Health Department is open for discussions with the community at large.

“The department engages various community formations on a regular basis pertaining to a variety of issues,” he said.

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