End result is failure

Drinking and partying in the open
Drinking and partying in the open

Leoni Kruger
LEPHALALE — Why is this total lawlessness allowed? This question was asked by Thys Eloff, chairperson of the Lephalale community policing forum (CPF) during their meeting on Thursday 21 April.
“The police only have to make an example of a few people who do not comply with the bylaws and arrest them, the next time they will think twice before committing a crime” he continued.
“The punishment should suit the crime. People are gambling in the streets, urinating in streets, drinking in public. Why do they get away with it” he asked? “We have to do something otherwise it is going to get out of control”.
He said to the police that the CPF and the police as a collective medium have to come up with a resolution to the lawlessness.
A representative of Marapong stated that the problem lies in the justice system and that criminals get away with their crimes in court. “Our justice system is failing the police”.
Eloff said that whatever is done, the end result is failure. “I am not saying that we don’t do anything, I’m saying that what is being done is not enough. We have to do more” he said.
He also addressed the fact that 90% of drivers at night are under the influence of alcohol and that, as far as he knows, only two motorists lost their licenses because of drunken driving during last year. “That is why they get away with it” he says.
Eloff furthermore said that every community member has a responsibility to lay charges in cases of lawlessness. “If offenders don’t get processed by the police, we won’t even reach court and maybe prosecution also have a problem with poor dockets. If you get a poor docket, the case is doomed for failure. In stead of blame shifting, take a positive, collective attitude” Eloff said to the police.
Constable Ramphaga, who represented Lephalale SAPS at the meeting said they struggle with not enough manpower and sometimes a shortage of vehicles.

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