“Enough vehicles at SAPS Lephalale”

LEPHALALE — “It is a matter of coordination and communication,” said Brigadier John Masia last Wednesday at the Joint meeting at Mogol Club when the lack of Police vehicles at Lephalale SAPS was discussed.

He said there are enough vehicles available and the staff has to coordinate and asks one another for lifts when going in the same direction.

“There should never be a parked vehicle at the station, every vehicle should be out on a case or an operation,” he said.

He furthermore said that there is no excuse to not attend a stock theft case if the area falls within the Lephalale Cluster.

Brig Masia urged attendees to contact the Station Commander, Col Daniel Ramakgoakgoa, at 082 414 2724 if Police are not on the scene within 20 minutes after a complaint. If the SC cannot be of assistance and another 20 minutes go by, the complainant may call the Cluster Commander himself at 082 319 9285.

“It is not a viable reason to say there are not enough vehicles,” he concluded.

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