Era of Real Men

Mr. Happy Nglangwini from Sanparks
Mr. Happy Nglangwini from Sanparks

Ria Wells
LEPHALALE — Lephalale TVET College held a one of a kind event on Friday in the Mogol Club’s Function Hall with the theme “Era of Real Men”.
Mr. Erick Ndala, Marketing and Communication’s Manager of the college introduced the guest speaker, Mr. Happy Nglangwini from Sanparks who gave a powerful speech that all men could take to heart.
He kicked off his speech with the question: “What makes men real?” and said that the answer is simple: “look firstly at yourself and what you see, character wise, defines you”. He added a few do’s and don’ts, conveyed with great humour.
“Don’t instruct, but involve your wife or girlfriend. Don’t copy if you can’t paste, meaning appreciate what you have, don’t wear a fake brand name and think you are at that level. Don’t fool yourself.
Look at your qualities and always strive to do things better. It takes discipline, passion and maturity to be a real man. Think before you respond. Take risks, climb the mountains. Don’t be scared to try something new, but don’t be irresponsible. Make sure to make the right choices, put your wife first and that will ensure that you can plan your life and future for stability for your family.
“It’s not a sin to be born in a shack, but it is a sin when you die in a shack not having tried to improve your life.
Use your mind, your eyes, your hands and use it to change your situation. Be a man with a cause. Fix your issues and relationships. Be better and protective husbands and fathers.
Be the provider for your family, love your family and commit yourself to your relationships. Have a vision because real men communicate, take tough decisions, speak your mind and make sure to do the right thing”.
The day ended with a lovely meal and some networking and interaction.

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