Eskom, KAEFER care — donate to MSTS

LEPHALALE — Eskom, in conjunction with KAERFER Energy SA, handed over “surprise bags” to the matric learners of Mabelane Seleka Technical School (MSTS) in Onverwacht.

Jason Budd, General Manager at KAEFER, thanked Eskom for the opportunity to participate in this noble cause.

“KAEFER is proud to be associated with and participate in this Eskom initiative for the communities which we operate in,” he said.

In an address to the learners of MSTS, Jason said: “You are in a very privileged position. You, the learners, have a school that has this incubator initiative where the school is looking out for your interests during this matric exam period.

“This is an important time in your life, it is up to you to make the decision on how best to use this time ahead of your exams. I wish you the best of luck with your exams. Make the best of this incubator program,” he concluded.

Rhulani Mathebula, General Manager at Eskom, brought an important message of inspiration and motivation to the learners who are writing matric exams.

According to him, there are only two important things in order to be successful – time and knowledge.

“When you are born you don’t have knowledge and you have to use the time to gain the knowledge. You spend time at school and what the school gives back to you is knowledge. That is the trade between the learner and the school. Where I work, I am giving them time and skill and in return they give me money. The unfortunate thing is when you give time and you get nothing back, then your time becomes wasted. It’s like giving R100 to the person behind the counter in a shop and then walking away. That is exactly what you do if you come to school and walk away with nothing.

“The challenge is that you have already spent 10 months of the year at school and what have you received in return? We have proof that you were here for 10 months but what we don’t have proof of is whether you received what you were here for. That is why you have to write exams.

“Exams are about checking if you actually received something in return for the time you spent here,” Mathebula said.

Mathebula shared his story with the matric learners telling them that he didn’t grow up in a community like theirs.

“I didn’t study in a class like yours, I didn’t grow up in a community like yours. I had to work hard and when I was writing my matric exams, my mother was sick and died six months later.

“Conditions were different, I didn’t have a cell phone. I didn’t know how to use a computer. I was 20 when I saw a computer for the first time in my life, that didn’t determine whether I made progress in my life.

“You can become anything in life, the question is how bad do you want it? They say when the desire for success is more than the fear of failure you will make progress in life.

“You have to go into this exam in full force and do not allow anything to disturb you. Sometimes the qualifications that you have determine the salary you earn. Do not choose the easier path as it does not always pay the most.

“Your matric results actually determine what car you will drive, what house will you stay in, what clothes you will wear, what food your children will eat.

“Your matric results will determine whether you go to a university or a college and the qualification you get from this institutions determine the kind of job you are going to do. The type of job you do will determine the type of salary you earn,” he concludes.

Stella Mautsana, a member of the Senior Management Team (SMT) at MSTS, thanked everyone, especially Eskom and KAEFER and said they will forever be grateful.

“It is up to the learners now, I always say it is never too late to start. We, as the SMT, are going to support these learners 100%.”

Jabulani Moalamedi, the Teacher Representative at the Student Governing Body (SGB) thanked KAEFER and the Eskom group. “Thank you very much what you have done for us.”

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