Exciting news for advertisers and Facebook users

Although the intended usage of Facebook is to connect and socialise with others, many have begun to use it as an impromptu advertising medium.  Advertisers in the Mogol Post have requested that we extend our services digitally to help accommodate their marketing requirements, so we’ve done just that.
People have various requirements. While we found that the majority of people still enjoy reading the newspaper and are loyal customers, there are still many people that avoid Facebook altogether for various reasons. The key questions remains though: is advertising on Facebook effective? The short answer is YES, any type of marketing is beneficial for your business, some forms just more affective then others, but still with the goal of improving sales and having a positive impact on your business’ bank account.
The good news is that Mogol Post just launched its own advertising based Facebook page, Mogol Post Advertiser. Tailored for getting your message across and combined with snippets of news it’s the perfect area to help your digital marketing needs reach the relevant clients. It’s also great to help promote your own businesses’ Facebook page and website.
Good news: WIN R1 000 BEFORE CHRISTMAS! To participate in this contest, all you need to do is like the page “Mogol Post Advertiser” and comment on the competition posting with a short sentence on what you plan to use the money on if you win! Be sure to share the news with your friends so they also have a chance at some extra spending money this holiday! The winner will be announced on Friday 8 December 2017.

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