Festive Season tips

LEPHALALE — The Lephalale Community Policing Forum (CPF) provided the following points as a guideline to ensure that your Festive Season is as pleasant as possible whether you are staying at home or if you are going to travel.

Travel tips:

  • Ensure your vehicle is in road worthy condition;
  • Road worthiness applies to public transport as well;
  • Do not drink and drive. The law is clear that even passengers are not allowed to drink;
  • Plan your route and let your family & friends know when they can expect you and stay in contact;
  • Avoid too much bling, wads of cash etc. It attracts unwanted attention;
  • Regular stops reduce fatigue;
  • Stop in safe and well-lit areas;
  • Be patient and avoid road rage;
  • Avoid travelling alone, especially elderly persons or women with small children;
  • Keep all vehicle doors locked; and
  • Keep to prescribed speed limits at all times and reduce speed with bad visibility.

Home safety tips:

  • Ensure your gardening tools, bicycles, etcetera, are locked away;
  • Test your alarm. Let your security company take note of your plans and ensure proper arrangements are made for your pets;
  • Let somebody trustworthy check your home at least once a day;
  • Do not leave personal valuables at home. Hand all firearms in at an authorised dealer;
  • You and your home are possible targets, accept it and take the required precautions; and
  •  Do not throw caution to the wind since it is the festive season, criminals are capitalizing on that, stay alert and apply common sense.

CPF @ Your Service.

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