Firearm owner?

If you are a firearm owner, you will know the minister has declared an amnesty period from 1 December 2019 until 31 May 2020.

The National Hunting and Shooting Association’s (NHSA) application was brought before the court on 14 January 2020 and a settlement between SAPS and NHSA was reached which allows for the simultaneous submissions for both competence and the application.

GOSA (Gun Owners of South Africa) however still has an interdict to stop the confiscation of expired licensed firearms but it doesn’t stop prosecution as the minister made it clear that they will use the full extent of the law after the amnesty period.

According to the National Association of Responsible Firearm Owners (NARFO) it is important to note that the amnesty allows for a new application for your expired firearm license, and NOT a renewal of your existing expired license.

NARFO also suggests that if you are going to make use of the amnesty period to legitimize your expired license, you must pay attention to:

You should sign a SAPS 522(a) and not a SAPS(b) as it is a forfeiture of a firearm.

Remove all fittings and attachments that are not seen as firearm parts from the firearm as per the Firearms Act.

Make sure your motivation used in the amnesty application leaves no scope for refusal.

Once you hand in the firearm, you have 14 days to submit your application – if you miss the 14 days, you will lose your firearm.

The above are just a few tips as stated by NARFO. For more information, contact Colette at Orion Firearm Training PTY (LTD) on 082 561 7747.

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