Flora’s case prolonged

TOM BURKE — It appears that the court case of the late Flora Moatshe will not reach a conclusion anytime soon.

Nearly a year has passed since Flora’s death, her body still unburied and the accused’s court cases constantly being postponed.

Towards the end of February 2018, the accused, Steve Mfisa, told the Palala Magistrate’s Court in Thabo Mbeki, formerly Witpoort, disturbing details of how he killed Flora Moatshe near Phalala River in Motlhasedi. This was followed by another postponement to 1 March, which led to the next court appearance on Tuesday 13 March at Tom Burke Magistrate’s Court.

Mfisa’s legal team was not present to represent their client and it is unclear why they were absent.

On Tueaday 13 March family members of both Flora and Steve attended what was meant to be a cross examination that would take longer than previous court appearances.

Soon after getting the news that his court appearance will be postponed again, Mfisa demanded to know why he had to be in custody for so long before he could apply for bail.

It is alleged that during the court procedures, Mfisa repeatedly looked at Flora’s relatives with a threatening expression and with the announcement that the case was postponed again, Flora’s relatives cried foul of Steve’s behaviour during the court process. They say he didn’t act remorseful and was boastful and insulting.

Through the family representative, Dipuo Moatshe, Flora’s relatives escalated their frustration to the station commander at Tom Burke Police and were told that there will be a thorough investigation into the matter.

The family further complained that Mfisa was not chained and he had freedom of movement throughout, which makes them assume he is getting preferential treatment.

“It is clear to us that Flora’s murder is taken lightly and we are not going to keep quiet about this as if we are without emotions.

“We are planning to escalate the matter if it cannot be handled with the treatment it deserves. During the court case Steve Mfisa could be clearly seen exchanging things with his family and no one did anything about it,” said Dipuo Moatshe.

Limpopo SAPS Spokesperson Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe pleaded with the family to be patient.

He said the state had to ensure through forensic tests that the body is indeed Flora’s body before they can bury her.

Ngoepe promised to keep the family updated about any developments in the case.

By the next Tuesday, Dipuo Moatshe said they have not got any call or visit by members of SAPS.

Meanwhile Steve Mfisa’s kidnapping, breaching protection order and murder charges will be added with the assault of two young males who were with Flora on the last day she was seen alive.

The case has been postponed to 12 April at Palala Magistrate’s Court.

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