Former tvet acting principal dies

The former Acting Principal of Lephalale TVET Annamie van Vuuren, has died from a Motor Neuron disease. The motor neuron disease is known to destroy motor neurons, which are the cells that control skeletal muscle activity such as walking, breathing, speaking and swallowing. Annamie was well known in Lephalale especially in the educational circuits.

Her first appointment in Lephalale was in 1997, when she was appointed as the Circuit Manager of the Palala North and South Circuits.

In 2003 she was transferred to the Ellisras circuit where she also acted as the Circuit Manager.

After eleven years she was permanently appointed in the position in 2008.

In August 2009, she was transferred to Lephalale TVET College as Acting Principal and she occupied this position until 2014, after which she returned to her position as Circuit Manager.

She retired from the Department of Education in 2017, however she continued to work with them through contracts as she was not ready to sit at home.
In 2019 she was diagnosed with Motor Neuron disease, just as she finished renovating her house.

In February 2020 she gave up her house and relocated to her daughter Enita, in Cape Town. Enita took care of her mother until her passing.

On a Facebook post written by Enita she says her mother fought hard against the disease and remained positive until she took her last breath.

 Her memorial service was held on 8 February at Mogol Reformed Church.

Annamie’s friends described her as an amazing, friendly and sincere person.

“She was a stable person, always the same and you always knew where you stood with her. She never complained despite difficult circumstances, she was diligent, helpful and always gave her best. She never said a bad thing about anybody. She was someone, one could look up to, a true example. Her friends could always rely on her being around through thick and thin”; said a friend about her.

Annamie leaves behind two children, Enita and Jan Harm as well as her grandchildren.

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