Forsake mediocrity — Bereka Mosadi

LEPHALALE — A function of Bereka Mosadi, an initiative by Zanele Cossa, aims to not only promote unity among women, but also to empower women with knowledge. The theme of Saturday afternoon’s function at Mogol Club was: Wake up and smell the coffee Mosadi.

Zanele, founder of Bareka Mosadi

Several speakers shared valuable information with the guests, all under the banner of Christianity. Sis Portia acted as program director.

Apostle Khomotjo Lebelo opened the event and said that women should have a purpose in life. She referred to the biblical woman in Luke who was ill for 18 years; bended and broken. Just like many women in today’s life. Apostle Lebelo emphasized that today’s women can, just like that woman, also straighten up in Jesus’ name.

PS Happy Ngale, a financial adviser, said she has daily interaction with women who were unable to empower themselves. She emphasized the importance of making money, but equally important to manage it. She encouraged the guests to learn more about this commodity and especially how to spend it. “Acquire knowledge and pass it on to your kids”. And also: “Be not controlled by your money, but you must control money.” She stated that there is a complete lack of knowledge when it comes to finances, but also the attitude towards it from the first cents earned. She highlighted the importance of financial planning, saying that having a funeral plan is not financial planning. Rather set financial goals during your life as the first step towards financial freedom. “Have vision. Live your life in financial freedom. Pay off your debt. Empower yourself about how to relate to money”.

Nthabiseng Maake said in an inspiring message that women of biblical times were already in business. She encouraged women to discover their talents, to take risks, establish entrepreneurship and to make a profit. She described entrepreneurship as Christian and said, “Business is beautiful”. And further: “Do not just pass through life, avoid apologies, take the first step and act solution oriented. Think big, renew your minds and understand all aspects of life like politics, economics, social life and different skills. Be a producer not a consumer, forsake mediocrity and last but not least, support one another.”

A beautiful afternoon has been closed with thoughts exchanged and a delicious lunch.

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