Forum cries police negligence

Steve Mfisa

Ratlou Mabula
Last week Wednesday brought an end to the mystery on the whereabouts of Flora Moatshe (29) whom was last seen on Sunday morning 30 April in Motlhasedi village 60 km north of Lephalale.
According to two men who were accompanying Flora, her ex- boyfriend, Steve Mfisa (30), approached them on 30 April around 01:00. He allegedly stabbed Flora with a knife and when they intervened he told them he was not going to do her anymore harm.
A blood-stained knife was reportedly given to them as surety that nothing sinister was going to happen to Flora.
It was only two days later when Flora’s current boyfriend came looking for her that eye brows were raised about where she could be.
Her phone was off, her grandmother, who is blind, assumed she was at work where she would sleep over now and then.
The matter was reported to Tom Burke police.
According to the Moatshe Forum, who coordinated most of the search effort, the way the police reacted implied that Flora was somewhere with her partner, having a good time. They did not take her disappearance seriously.
“Tom Burke police arrived drunk and said they were not on duty. They escorted us to the bushes however it was obviously fruitless with the officers in that state” a representative of the Forum said.
They further allege that Mfisa, who has numerously claimed to be in Mpumalanga when contacted, handed himself to police on Tuesday only to be released later.
Mfisa was reportedly seen doing rounds near the river where Flora’s remains were found every time he claimed to be in Mpumalanga.
Lephalale police arrested him on Thursday and as the search continued, the community of Motlhasedi was promised to be joined by the K9 Unit. According to the Forum there were no dogs involved in the search although the police allegedly also promised them a trained dog from Venda that would assist in the search.
They say there was no further communication until they overheard a constable telling his colleagues that Flora had gone with Steve to his place.
The Forum also couldn’t get hold of the constable, because he was transferred. They say there is too much “brotherhood” in the police with favouritism towards criminals if they have relations with some of the officers.
The Forum says they do not feel safe at all as “Tom Burke police station has been turned into a tavern”.
They told Mogol Post they appreciated the help of Kgoši Phetogo Seleka, Mayor Moloko Jack Maeko and the community for assisting them with donations to ensure they accomplish their search mission.
Mfisa has been in custody since May and mum on Flora’s whereabouts. Mfisa is reported to have been facing assault GBH charges scheduled for 15 May. The case was postponed as the charges were changed to kidnapping.
Last week the Heritage Protection Group (HPG) was asked to assist in the investigation of the case and they questioned Mfisa together with Lephalale trio task team. He confessed and pointed out the place where he allegedly strangled and buried Flora. The forensic team was called for exhumation of the body that took place.
Mfisa appeared in Witpoort Magistrate Court on Tuesday 13 June.
The case, now combined with other charges, has been postponed to 17 July 2017 as post mortem results were not concluded to determine the nature of Flora’s death.
He remains in custody.
According to WO Frans Mokoena from Lephalale SAPS, he is unaware of any wrongdoings by the police and as far as he is aware the police and family worked well together throughout the entire ordeal.

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