Fruits of hard work

SHONGOANE — The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and if you have worked hard over several weeks, it is pretty sweet!
Members of the Bopanang Bangalong group from Shongoane 4 have been working on bags, decorated in Sri Lankan applique under the watchful eye of Mary-Ann Leask of the Skemer Women’s Agricultural Union. They have learnt various embroidery stitches, but were still surprised with the wonderful results of their labour.
The group have learnt various skills during 2017 and is working on different projects. One of the projects is recycling. The group received blue bags to take part in a pilot project of the municipality to gather recyclables. “We are not only cleaning up our area, we are actively recycling. This means that the environment is spared from more pollution by reducing the plastic waste.
They are looking forward to a fruitful new year with lots of creative projects that will protect the environment and promote sustainable living.

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