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Stakeholders at the planning of the Jazz Festival
Stakeholders at the planning of the Jazz Festival

Ria Wells
LEPHALALE – The biggest Jazz occasion to hit Lephalale will take place at the Mogol Club sport’s grounds on 13th August from 12:00 midday until 06:00 the following morning. A jazz concert through the night!
This occasion is made possible by Mooncloud44 and Cutting Tourch Productions. Mogol Post attended a press conference at the Cappucino’s restaurant at the Palm Park Hotel together with other roll players like Selaelo Selota and representatives from the Department of Sport, Arts & Culture, LEDET, LEDA, Exxaro and the Lephalale Municipality.
The highlight was the presence of the renowned jazz musician and gypsy persona, Selaelo Selota, who is known throughout the country for getting involved in communities as a mentor. He kicked off the conference with his guitar and songs from Cinderella and Enchanted Gardens. He emphasised that an impact needs to be made on the youth on all levels that go beyond music. Selota’s business model, Exclusive Diaries, is an initiative that is an example to all South Africans to be seen as a brand and not only as a singer. “Also pay attention to the youth’s morals, help them to develop in business, art, etc.” Selota also lashed out regarding the responsibility of national businesses, as well as the role that the Department of Sport, Arts & Culture should play in the development of local talent. He praised Mooncloud44 and cited them as an example of an institution that is prepared to promote social cohesion.
“This – one of its kind – Bushveld Jazz Festival is history in the making’” says organiser Lalane Mujela and he wants to involve the whole of the Waterberg. Lalane thanked Mooncloud44 for their willingness to breathe life into this event and promised them that it would be a huge success. “There is a lot of history to share and arts and culture is the perfect platform to use – it will also inspire young artists”, Lalane said. They are also planning workshops for the young talent in the surrounding areas.
Mr. Tshimole from Mooncloud44 said that when the opportunity arose to get involved with this project they did not hesitate. “A small idea that will produce something big and we will grow this child together” he added. It also forms part of their social entrepreneur’s development. Big news is that Mooncloud44 wants to develop an entertainment park for the benefit of the whole community. Mr. Kola Maila, Director: Communication, IT and Events Manager of the Department of Sport, Arts & Culture said that he takes note of the issues raised but that the department needs sponsors to come on board to assist them in developing arts and culture.
Mr. Wisani Shilengi, Communications Deputy Director of LEDET, emphasised the effect the spin-off of such an event can have on an area. Big events have proven beyond reasonable doubt in the world over that they can play a major role in changing the economic dynamics. Guests from all over will for example make use of guest houses, restaurants, retail shops etc. and it creates an environment in which business can thrive. He added that LEDET loves to partner with events like the Bushveld Jazz Festival and that the country needs the spin-offs of such events.
The bottom line is: There is a big festival on its way! Like Selota so rightly said: “Jazz is for the mature and people that love it will be at the festival at the Mogol Club on 13th August.”

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