Green offices for Medupi staff

The team is ready to move into their new office building

Leoni Kruger
LEPHALALE — The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the inauguration of Medupi’s Generation team’s new green offices was held on Monday 3 April.
Johan Prinsloo, Power Station Manager said from Generation’s side, when they started planning the building, they wanted to build something that would last 60 years.
“I wanted to do it properly, like a futuristic type of building” he said.
He said that to have a good workforce, you need to have a good working environment.
“We are working at a power station. It is hot and it is dirty. The challenge was to create an environment that the staff want to come to. This building has it all, it is comfortable, a proper working environment which includes a canteen and so much more” he said.
Prinsloo added that from the start of the project, ten years ago, the architects knew that he wanted the building to have a Sandton look and feel.
“We planned for this whole block to be a lush green area with places where people can sit. An oasis. A Sandton environment. All my engineers go to Johannesburg and I cannot blame them, but they are my top staff and I want them to stay here for the long term” he explained.
“If employees feel good about themselves and about their environment, they will feel good about the power station. It rubs off”.
The office is an impressive open plan space with energy saving lights and aircons. The lights work with special sensors that sense when there is no one at a work station and switch off. When there is movement again – they switch back on. So, lights are never on unnecessarily.
The building is designed so that the air conditioning system reaches the ground floor from the top floor.
Management have their own office space which includes their own personal assistant.
Staff will also be encouraged to ride bicycles instead of driving vehicles and a special bicycle shed will provide for the storage of the bicycles. There will also be showers at the shed for the employee’s convenience.
Prinsloo concluded by saying that this office building is Eskom’s very first green building – a legacy to be left behind.

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