Guards rewarded

Team leader Victor Mokwena (on behalf of Thomas Mfisa), Klaas Modimola and Fulufhelo Masindi receiving their certificates from Thys Eloff

LEPHALALE — Three security guards of ESK Security, Klaas Modimola, Fulufhelo Masindi and Thomas Mfisa, proved that they take their work seriously when their courageous action led to the arrest of an ATM fraud suspect at Lephalale Mall. Thys Eloff, chairperson of the community policing forum (CPF), handed over a Certificate of Merit to each of them on Monday morning 11 September.
According to Thomas Reyneke, Lephalale Mall Operations Manager, on Thursday 31 August one of the guards saw four men at an ATM that looked suspicious. He saw how one of them grabbed a bank card from someone who was busy withdrawing money from the ATM.
He quickly reacted by running to the main gate of the Mall and closing it. Another guard had the same idea and also ran to secure the gate. Seconds later a white KIA sedan with four suspects sped towards the gate and crashed into it. The air bags exploded and the suspects tried to escape from the car. One of the suspects held a guard at gunpoint as he ran away. The four suspects fled in different directions.
In the meantime, members of the community policing forum were already on the scene and the police was informed of the incident.
Lt Col Daniel Ramkgoakgoa, Station Commander of Lephalale SAPS and another official were on their way to the mall to assist in arresting the suspects. They spotted someone nearby the water tower in Nelson Mandela Drive who looked suspicious. They asked him various questions and determined that he was one of the suspects they were looking for.
According to Thys Eloff, around R7 000 was stolen and the KIA used by the suspects was a rented vehicle.
He also said that this was the fourth incident that recently occurred where criminals used rented vehicles to commit crime.
At the time of going to print the three other suspects were still at large.

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