Heroic taxi driving

MARAPONG — Taxi drivers are many times associated with bad driving that results in unnecessary car accidents on the road.
In the same breath there are good taxi drivers whose great work is seldom acknowledged.
One such driver is Solomon Dipolelo Thobane (29) who transports commuters from Lephalale to Marapong. His good deeds saved commuters’ lives as well as the life of a reckless driver on Thursday, 30 November.
Thobane was driving from Onverwacht to Marapong on Nelson Mandela Drive near Lephalale TVET College when the driver of a Golf 6 GTI from direction Medupi overtook multiple cars and was metres from colliding head-on with him.
“I had just left the robots from Mogol Club and I realised the driver coming in my direction was going to collide with me. I thought to myself; this was going to be bad and quickly slowed down and swerved off the road, making sure that I didn’t lose control of the Quantum”, says Thobane.
Thobane has been driving under Ellisras Taxi Association (ELTA) since 2013.
He says he was glad that even though everything happened so fast, no one was injured.
Though the commuters were angry and shouted at the reckless driver, they thanked him for his heroic efforts.
“The best feeling as a driver is to have a commuter thanking you for doing well and protecting them. When it comes to driving it is important to observe what is happening around you, to not drive bumper to bumper and calculate the movement of cars nearby at all times,” he said.
ELTA Operations Manager RE Marakalala said that they always encourage their drivers to avoid reckless driving that can possibly result in unnecessary accidents.
“We are very proud of the great work done by Solomon Thobane as this is what our taxi industry wishes for, to do away with the bad image associated with the industry”.

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