Heroine teacher celebrated

Ratlou Mabula
MARAPONG — Nelsonskop Primary School in Marapong held a memorial service on Tuesday 13 June for one of its long serving teachers, Manoko Tryphina Kgare.
Affectionately known as Ma’m Kgare, the Grade 5A class teacher who has been with the primary school since 13 March 1995 passed away on Friday 9 June after a short illness. She was praised by colleagues as a dedicated jack of all trades woman with a soft heart and an extreme love for people.
The dominating characteristic that she has been associated with by colleagues, friends and fellow church members was her organisational skills which were influenced by her unconditional love for neatness which was also portrayed in her services as the school’s secretary.
In what can be described as her premonition, one of the teachers shared an experience whereby Kgare told them on Tuesday 6 June they would be on their own in the coming week. This was after they left the school’s refuse bags unattended and papers went scattered in the yard.
The school’s principal, Mrs MM Kekana, said she was impressed by Ma’m Kgare the first time she met her 22 years ago. “I could tell right away that I had the right person when she joined Nelsonskop. This woman loved the surrounding at our school and already this week we are seeing what she said last week, that she wouldn’t be here and we will be on our own. Tryphina’s commitment was so amazing. She was the first organiser to get Nelsonskop as the first ever school in Marapong to travel to Durban.
Her decorations left the school looking so beautiful and it is clear she regarded Nelsonskop as her own family” said Mrs Kekana
In addition, she is said to have had a good relationship with general school structures.
Kgare will be buried at Onverwacht Cemetery on Saturday 17 June.

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