Hitch hiker caught with scam

Leoni Kruger
LEPHALALE — “Do not hitch hike, especially at this time of the year” says Warrant Officer Frans Mokoena, Lephalale SAPS spokesperson.
He shares this urgent message with the community after a man who hitch hiked on Thursday last week was robbed of all his valuables.
According to WO Mokoena, the man stood on the side of Oliver Tambo Road around midday hitch hiking to Johannesburg. A person with a white Volkswagen Polo, with another passenger in the car stopped and offered him a lift. They turned onto the R33 to Vaalwater and they started a conversation about cars. The hitch hiker told them that his car broke down and the mechanics asked him R7 000 to repair the vehicle. WO Mokoena says they then offered to tow his car and repair it if he give them R3 000.
The driver of the car asked him for a number on his cell phone and when he took out his phone the driver took the phone and started to scroll down his contact list. When the hitch hiker confronted him, he was offered a can of cold drink.
According to WO Mokoena, they also had a bottle of brandy in the car and they said to the hitch hiker that they needed him to drink half of the can so that they could mix the brandy in the can. WO Mokoena says according to the hitch hiker it looked as if the can was still sealed when he took it.
Minutes after he drank the cold drink he realised that he could not see well and he can remember nothing that happened after that.
When he eventually woke up again, he was thrown out of the car and robbed of his cell phone, wallet, bank cards and his watch.
He went to Lephalale SAPS on Friday to open a case, after he was treated in hospital for minor injuries and concussion. WO Mokoena says he could not remember whether he gave the suspects the pin of his bank cards.
WO Mokoena says it is irresponsible to hitch hike, because one can be robbed, raped or even murdered for money or valuables.

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