Human Rights Day Celebration

Ratlou Mabula
SELEKA — Seleka Home Community Based Care (SHCBC) celebrated Human Rights Day with the focus on the rights of children, on Tuesday 21 March. Guardians and parents who attended were advised to always give children the best support they can.
One of the weakest links often practiced by parents is their non-participation in children’s school work, usually characterised by talking down any school related activity and making children feel useless.
Prior to the main event there was a road walk from the Drop-in centre near Seleka Community Hall to the industrial area, in which children carried placards emphasising their rights.
SHCBC manager Lydia Mokono said they run three programmes which are; Home Based Care, Drop-in Centre and Isibindi.
Mokono said Isibindi was the force behind Tuesday’s gathering.
Isibindi focuses on youth (from 18-35) as soon as they are no longer eligible for the Drop-in Centre. They get foster care grants and are well looked after by the programme irrespective of their background.
According to Mokono, programmes like Isibindi have been very effective in helping orphans and children from destitute families, with the professional guidance of Department of Social Development.
She said occasionally children are hidden from the community without proper documents like birth certificates. Isibindi assists such children to ensure they benefit from foster care, are registered at schools and get uniforms so they fit in well.
Mokono appealed to those who have children without certificates to get help from Isibindi. She added that home based care is there for very sick people who can be assisted in getting treatment.
After school, children come to the Drop-in Centre and are given food, assistance with homework and other educational activities.
Currently the Drop-in Centre has 103 registered children comprising orphans and those from very poor families and has three cooks and one coordinator.

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