Imbizo opens doors

SELEKA — On Friday 11 August members of the Limpopo Economic Development, Environment and Tourism visited Seleka Community Hall in a township and village revitalization imbizo.
Aimed at empowering emerging entrepreneurs, Imbizo opened its doors for some unhappy residents who poured out their frustrations against operating systems.
Lephalale Hawkers Forum complained that business opportunities were not run fairly and capital was circulating among the already emancipated.
A number of identified problems included:
LEDET, SARS and LEDA has satellite offices in the villages.
The issue of developing entrepreneurs not benefiting from mega projects and operational companies in Lephalale.
SMMEs made to front instead of partaking in Joint Ventures to gain experience and independence.
Tenders and business opportunities going to politicians and their allies.
SMMEs paying money for incubation and often do not finish the programme due to lack of funds.
Poor bookkeeping and administration as a result of no proper training in the field.
In his presentation of proposed township and village economy revitalization strategy, Head of LEDET, Solly Kgopong, said goods and services that township enterprises provide have an important economic and social importance to communities they serve.
“Minibus taxis have employed more than 10 000 people in Limpopo and Spaza shops, an estimated R7 billion sector, have historically played a role of a micro convenience grocery store providing basic necessities to township and village residents within walking distance.
The township and village economy revitalization strategy builds on existing government support programmes aimed at accelerating the radical economic transformation agenda.”
He said their strategy aimed to achieve three key outcomes which included:
Creating, enabling and supporting environment based on the eight strategic focus areas for township and village economy revitalization,
Establishing the social and economic value of township and village economy and,
Ensuring that the township and village enterprises become key players in the Limpopo economy.
As part of government supporting SMMEs who were recently trained at LEDA offices in Onverwacht, 10 received start up grants from NYDA, totalling R100 000.

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