In the dark

LEPHALALE — Load shedding. The term that upsets the whole country.

Why did load shedding start on a Sunday night? According to experts it is the night on which the least power is consumed.

Some experts believe that Eskom is playing a manipulation game due to NERSA not supporting the 15% tariff increase, asking Eskom to reconsider the high tariff increase.

According to an article in Eyewitness News, energy expert Ted Blom described Eskom as simply inefficient and that the tariff increase is short sighted and reckless.

According to a reliable source, at least four of the five power generation units at Medupi Power Station were working on Monday 11 February, though other information states that up to two of the units were tripping and experiencing problems throughout the day.

After requesting for clarity from Eskom Communications, the only response was that the power stations operate as an integrated system and that various units are off for various reasons including maintenance at different times and that is the reason for the power outages.

“For example, Medupi might have a problem with a unit and after 50 minutes the problem is sorted out, but it is possible that other units at other power stations are experiencing issues at the same time and then the national grid cannot handle the capacity”.

Mogol Post tried to contact Khulu Phasiwe, Eskom spokesperson, to answers some questions but received no response. Another email sent to Eskom’s Media Desk was unanswered. Mogol Post also tried to reach Rudi van der Wal, Power Station Manager, Generation Division, Medupi Power Station, but at the time of going to print there was no response.

Lephalale is left in the dark, both literally and figuratively …

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