Land Claims active

LESIDENG — A mobile lodgement office from the Commission on Restitution of Land Rights have made its way to Lesideng in Vaalwater. The truck will be touring the whole of Limpopo over the next few months.
The truck was parked at the old community hall from Monday 23 May until Friday 27 May. “We have already lodged 154 claims for Lesideng and there are still lots of people waiting to be helped,” said Kenneth Maunye, a data capture employee from the Commission on Friday afternoon, 27 May.
The truck has already visited Marapong, Shongoane, Steenbokpan and a few other rural areas in the Waterberg area.
“We will be moving to Phagameng next. From Monday 6 June, for the next three weeks we will be available for everyone to come and lodge their land claims,” Maunye explained.
Anyone who has been forcefully removed from anywhere in South Africa after 1913 to the present day has the right to come and put a claim in.
To personally submit a claim all that is needed is a police affidavit to prove that you were forcefully removed and a copy of your South African Identity Document.
“If the claim is lodged on behalf of family members that have already passed away you must bring a family resolution, death certificates of the deceased, photocopies of the South Africa Identity Documents of all the family members, including yourself,” Maunye said.
Readers can contact Nicholas Magada at 082 465 7848 for further information.
The head office of the Commission on Restitution of Land Claims in Polokwane is also open daily for anyone who prefer to rather go there to lodge a claim. The closing date for all land claims is currently 30 June 2019.

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